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It is very helpful to staff if the resident can save a sample of the mosquito they’ve found and leave it on the doorstep (in a zip lock bag). There are 18 different kinds of mosquitoes found in Monterey County and many of them prefer different types of water sources on which to lay their eggs. We will need to know whether the mosquitoes are bothering you indoors, outdoors, day, dusk, or night.

Mosquito Fish

We supply local residents with mosquito larvae eating fish. They are indispensable to our mosquito control program and in most cases eliminate our need to use insecticides.

Report Water Sources

With the onset of West Nile Virus, we are particularly interested in swimming pools, hot tubs, old tires, open septic tanks, plumbing leaks, and ornamental ponds in backyards. Your call can remain anonymous. For a check list of mosquito breeding sources see “Mosquito Sources”.

West Nile Virus – Report Dead Birds

If you find a fresh dead bird, with no obvious signs of trauma or decay, please call us to collect it. Do Not Touch the bird with bare hands, instead, collect it with an inverted plastic bag or scoop it into a container for safe keeping until we arrive.

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 Note: if you Google our address, use 998 Gabilan and that will get you closer to our actual building -- see map below for our actual physical location