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Family Argasidae (Soft Ticks)

Ornithodorus coriaceus (the Pajahuello tick [paja = straw colored, huello = treading]) Associated with coastal and sierra foothill habitats from San Diego to Humboldt county. Found in and around resting places of their large mammalian hosts (primarily deer and cattle).READ MORE

Family Ixodidae (Hard Ticks)

Dermacentor albipictus (the winter tick) This one host tick is found throughout North America. It is widely distributed throughout California, but populations are concentrated around the central coastal and sierra foothill areas. It primarily feeds on horses and deer fromREAD MORE

Biology Of Ticks

Background Information on the Biology of Ticks Ticks Commonly Encountered In California Larisa Vredevoe, Ph.D, Deparment of Entomology, University of California, Davis Ticks are blood feeding external parasites of mammals, birds, and reptiles throughout the world. Approximately 850 species haveREAD MORE