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Protect Yourself

west nile virusWest Nile Virus: Annually, our District receives a number of dead birds that have tested positive to West Nile virus. PLEASE CALL US IF YOU FIND A FRESH DEAD BIRD without signs of trauma and free from ant infestation. People infected with WNV can have no symptoms, West Nile Fever, or West Nile Neuroinvasive disease. Symptoms usually occur 2-15 days after infection.   Symptoms of West Nile Fever can include: Even healthy people may suffer sickness for several days to several weeks, and be unable to function normally. Symptoms of West Nile Neuroinvasive disease can include: This form of the disease can lead to long-lasting if not permanent damage to the body and brain.

Remember To Use These Steps To Protect Yourself:

Mosquito Fish: We can provide you with mosquito fish to control mosquito larvae in your decorative ponds, unused pools, and hot tubs.