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Source Reduction

Source Reduction Through Habitat Enhancement The NSVMAD periodically cleans and maintains water courses throughout northern Monterey County in cooperation with city and county departments utilizing the District’s heavy equipment and expertise. Mowing/mulching vegetation is done in alternating bands, leaving stripsREAD MORE

Public Education

Public education is a critical component that is used to encourage the reduction and prevention of mosquito habitats on private and public property. The District’s education program teaches the public how to recognize, prevent, and suppress mosquito breeding on theirREAD MORE

Mosquito Control

Biological & Chemical Control The District maintains a lab and outdoor rearing program for larvae eating fish, (Gambusia affinis), also known as “mosquito fish”, in all known suitable bodies of water in the District. Mosquito fish are delivered to residentsREAD MORE

Mosquito Surveillance

The NSVMAD currently has six staff members whose experience range from 8 to 38 years of service. Four mosquito technicians cover 458 square miles of the District’s boundaries. One of the mosquito technicians is the District’s heavy equipment operator. EachREAD MORE